À mes lecteurs et lectrices : je reblogue pour vous cet intéressant billet sur l’engagement urbain, écrit par un de mes abonnés.


Very interesting ! Wow for people like so much implicated in their communauty ! I lived 15 years in Pointe St. Charles (now in Verdun, Montreal, also) and was a bit involved in communauty OPA for urbanistic issues.

CSR Griffintown

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by Joseph Baker, Architect, past president of the Quebec Order of Architects and former director of the School of Architecture, Universite Laval

« Griffintown was destroyed by municipal indifference and technocratic apathy; it is time to make amends and get it right, » writes Joseph Baker in this piece presented to the Montreal Citizen’s Forum last Thursday, April 24. This was the same day that the City released its revised PPU (Plan Particulier d’Urbanisme) for Griffintown.

I have a visceral reaction to grand plans—to words like “urban renewal”. Some years ago I moved my growing family into a quiet unpretentious district that the city fathers slated for renewal—every block, every street south of Dorchester Boulevard from Atwater to the Glen were to be demolished and handed over to a Toronto developer who proposed to erect a dozen high rise slabs in their place. As if that weren’t enough, highway planners…

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